Five Days

July 9, 2018 – Getting through the week is hard… structure helps. So does taking it one day at a time. So “5 Days” refers to how I get through the week, Monday-Friday. I have been working on weekends, too, but let’s try for some structure. New blog posts daily, Monday-Friday.

Monday: Cute things
Tuesday: Current Projects
Wednesday: Struggles
Thursday: Cats
Friday: Stuff I Wanna Buy


July 13, 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Friday the 13th! It is killer out here… with 90 degrees and humidity. I am not a big fan of excessive heat like this. It isn’t just the sweatiness, it is the exhaustion, the discomfort, and the fact that it gives me migraines if I am not especially careful. Sometimes you just have to go into survival mode on days like this, but at least it is a Friday and that means we made
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July 12, 2018

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ok, first Thursday blog coming up. The theme is cats and since I have two beautiful Tabby cats, I will start off Thursdays with my own cats. Yes, I posted my cat on the first “cute” blog, too, but this is my first week doing all of this, so I am giving myself a break. I planned out the layout of all of this at three o’clock in the morning when I couldn’t sleep Monday
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July 11, 2018

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Welcome to Wednesday and the subject of my struggles. I have so many, though, I am not sure where to start. Ok, there. Starting. Why is it so hard to start? I think and I think and I think and sometimes I even plan. I do enjoy making lists and just writing out ideas. But then that is where they stay, in my notebook, on my desk, in my purse, or in the notes app
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July 10, 2018

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesdays are meant for project postings. This is going to be a hard one because I tend to work on multiple projects at once; for better or worse. How about I start simply with something that I started yesterday: some new Doctor Who decals. With the new Doctor this fall, they released new logos and graphics. The new images are somewhat fiery looking. So I decided to use this sort of iridescent pink/red color or
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July 9, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018

Let’s start off Cute Mondays blog easy, with my own cute kitty, Boyd. Good morning, kitty.
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