About APG

APG, my initials, are the foundation of everything that I do. Well, that and the birdie logo I first designed back when I was a teenager (the 1990s!). Between the bird and me, I have made so many things out of so many things. I also suffer from fibromyalgia and major depression. Both can slow me down, but they can never stop me from doing what I love the most: creating things, inspiring others, and my cats.

I am also a happily single 30-something with two cats. Make your inferences from that. I have tattoos that mean a lot to me… lots of them… but only a few that are actually visible under normal circumstances. My hair has been nearly every color of the rainbow. I don’t enjoy wearing make-up. Between poor decisions and depression, I struggle with my weight.

My highest level of education is an Associates in Graphic Design. I am smart and I love to learn, but I hate to be in school. I don’t see it as something that limits what I can do, I see it as something that makes me strive to always be better than I am. I followed in the footsteps of my oldest sister, Krista, who was among the best designers out there. Unfortunately, I have to say “she was” since she passed away suddenly in 2016. I looked up to her, wanted to impress her, hell… times I wanted to be her. We shared so much, including a room growing up. There will never be another Krista in this world for me and my heart is broken beyond all measure. My whole family grieves deeply, and we all have found our own ways of coping. I feel like they are coping better than I am, though… or at least they have just gotten better at hiding the pain. Even in death, my sister still inspires me. For more on that, visit my page on “Krista’s Barbie.”

WHY does any of this possibly matter to you, the reader? It mostly doesn’t to the casual passer-by, since I work hard and get the job done. I made a choice to be outspoken about my skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. I feel so much, and it is all of the time, so I don’t spend my precious energy on bothering to put up a false image or creating some perfect identity for myself online. I am far from perfect, and that means I never stop trying.