Friday, October 12, 2018

I have skipped a few weeks because I have had a lot going on, but now I am back and I thought since I last left the blog with Thursday, Friday was a great day to pick up again.

The season premiere of Doctor Who was this past Sunday and since then I have seen so many things online that celebrate the new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. The new season not only has a new Doctor, but a new showrunner (Chris Chibnall) so everyone online seems to be going kind of mental about it all. I watched the premiere via a free trial of the TV app Philo since I don’t otherwise have access to BBC America. I had a headache, there were a million commercials, and I was just generally irritated already because of life, so I didn’t enjoy it. I know I will, I just have to watch it when I feel better and can watch it commercial-free. I had to pause the Philo app to go to the bathroom and when I returned, it didn’t allow me to skip commercials or even fast forward to any point I wanted; it jumps you around. You can choose to watch where you left off or you can start watching it live. Lame. I am not going to continue on after the free trial. I would rather just download the episodes off iTunes and pay for them. At least then the quality and commercial-free-ness is there. Plus then I can watch them whenever I want. I used to do a lot of streaming online through some free sites, but for a show I know I am into, I would rather just pay the money and buy the season. I have sold off 90% of my DVDs so digital is preferred in my world now. Since I have downsized, I really realized how much I love to have digital copies of shows and games. The only real downside to me is that if I ever feel done with them, I can’t sell them like I could with a physical DVD or video game.

Well, that was a lot of unnecessary backstory and wandering to get to my point: this Friday the thing I most want to buy is the new Doctor Who Barbie. As is evident from some of my other posts, I am a big Barbie fan… then you add in Doctor Who, especially when Barbie has never done Doctor Who before and I just have to have this doll in my life. I even have had the wandering thought that I need two; one to keep nice and one to open and play with. Really, though, one is fine, especially since she is $50. Well, $50 at Hot Topic, $49.99 at, and $49.98 at the BBC shop. It is available currently for pre-sale with the estimated availability date being December 3, 2018. Right now isn’t displaying any images and it does not have the doll available for pre-sale. Maybe I missed it, but since their site (of all sites) is incomplete I am just going to share the information from the BBC and Hot Topic.

This photo was taken from the Hot Topic presale page. Click the image to follow the link to that listing.

Doctor Who Barbie at BBC shop


Collectors and sci-fi lovers will rave over Doctor Who Barbie® doll. In honor of the latest regeneration of Doctor Who, Barbie® celebrates one of the most influential sci-fi series of all time. Doctor Who Barbie® doll’s design draws inspiration directly from the Thirteenth Doctor — exploring the universe from her time-traveling TARDIS, she wears a rainbow-striped t-shirt paired with cropped trousers and a trench coat. Additional true-to-character details include Doctor Who Barbie® doll’s signature suspenders and lace-up boots. Sonic screwdriver in hand, Doctor Who Barbie® doll is ready to overcome evil forces and save civilizations throughout the galaxy. This collectible Barbie® doll is fully posable and sculpted to the likeness of her onscreen character.