Krista’s Barbie

Processed with MOLDIVAs some of you may or may not know, I lost my sister in April of 2016. It has been the worst time of my entire life. We were so close for so long… we even shared a room growing up. Even though she was 7 years older than I, we had so much in common and I continue to think of her constantly.

One of the things she liked to do was take a Barbie with her whenever she would travel. When Barbie introduced the new versions, which included a “curvy” Barbie, she just had to have her. She chose the pale, blue-haired doll, and took great joy in her. She didn’t travel much in the time she had this new Barbie, but she did take her on a trip to Nebraska and photographed the journey.

Like Krista, I have always enjoyed taking something with me on trips to slip into photographs. Mostly it has been the resin Michigan statues I make, but it has also been a plastic dinosaur toy, and other random things that amused me. When Krista died, I knew instantly that I wanted this Barbie she had traveled with… and in her memory, I take this doll with me whenever I do something different or go somewhere interesting. I have gone one step further, though, and I have started making the clothes and accessories that I dress her in.

I know it probably looks really mental to some people that a grown woman is carrying around a Barbie doll, but I really don’t care. It means a lot to me and it makes me feel like Krista is still around and enjoying things with me.

So for my own enjoyment, and possibly that of others, I will be posting photos of her in different places, with different people, and in different outfits. I am also going to offer select items that I make for sale on Etsy in my shop. I have found that I really enjoy making tiny things and I want to share that with others.