Monday, July 23, 2018

For this installment of cute Monday things, I am going with cute needle-felted unicorns. Why? Why not? …plus who doesn’t love a cute, fuzzy, miniature unicorn?  So, I guess, that makes this a magical Monday. As usual, these images of wonderfully felted unicorns are from around the internet and mostly posted to my Pinterest board for “Magical Dolls & Things”:

I love seeing what other creatives create and especially how they interpret the same thing in their own style. There are so many unique minds out there. This is just a small selection, but I decided to go with quality over quantity for this infusion of cute things on my Monday morning. Well, it is supposed to be Monday, in actuality, I am posting this on Wednesday because I got myself behind on this already last week and I am still catching up. Anyway, enjoy.