Monday, September 10, 2018

For this Monday’s cute-themed blog I am once again looking at Legos. I just cannot help myself. I was wandering around Pinterest and I found these little things called Minifigure Habitats. It seems that it is a thing to build a little world for the special Minifigures that come in the blind packages. Since most of the Minifigures released that way are unique and not part of an existing Lego world, people have seen fit to make them a world of their own. I found a bunch of them, but I liked these the best for today’s blog. I think they are cute. Or cool. Or neat. Anyway, if you want to see more, either search for habitats or I have collected quite a few of them on my Pinterest board for Legos. It really makes me want to build a few of my own. I certainly have the bricks on hand. It is just a really neat way to display all my random Minifigures.