Saturday, August 18, 2018

Did you know that this week the date has been a palindrome? My Mom mentioned that to me. How cool is that? And today, 8-18-18 is the ultimate palindrome with just two number to repeat the pattern back and forth.

Ok, that is not the point of this six days post, it is just a fun fact. Today I realized that I have just completed my SIXTH week of this blog. That is definitely a milestone for me. When I started this blog I had the absolute best of intentions to keep it going, but in the back of my head, I knew how I could be with these things. I flake. I forget. I get behind and give up. I lose interest. One or all of the above, usually, any time I try to start some new routine. But this one, six weeks, that feels like it is starting to stick. I know I do get behind, but I always have caught myself back up. In fact, just today this will be my third blog post since I missed a couple of days. I did have Thursday written, I just had not added the photos yet. Things always seem to come up in my life to throw me off track. Things that disrupt my routines like being excessively tired in the morning and unable to focus. Other things happen like headaches, doctor appointments, socializing with actual real people, cats on the keyboard, or waking up to massive website issues because of Google trying to make the internet a safer place. So many things easily throw me off track. This week has been extra hectic. I think all of the things I have listed have happened this week; exhaustion, doctors, headaches, socializing, internet, cats, and errands. Plus, I have been doing the added task of listing so many things on eBay to raise money for my comic con trip. Then, my cousin asked for my assistance on some posters. Plus I still have Flocked articles to write, a custom vinyl order, and I am trying to launch my new brand, Ducky.

I am doing my best to handle everything as promptly as possible. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But today things are slowly starting to come into focus and with lists and planning, I am starting to feel like things are a little more under my control again. That is such a good feeling. Although I type this while I am still in my nightgown. Priorities, priorities…

The main thing is, I have achieved my goal of starting a blog, and I am not usually one to say so, but I think I am really doing a good job. I feel like each week I get a little bit better at the whole blog thing. It is really starting to take shape. It does have a ways to go, but I feel like I have made a solid start. So good job, Anna, and keep it going. Not only is it a good outlet for myself, it helps me keep my routine I am developing for myself. Even if no one reads it but my Mummy. That’s ok. It is what it is. But I need it.