Thursday, August, 2018

It is kitty time again and this week I was inspired by a photo that my sister took of one of her own cats. In this picture, her cat was sitting on a crumpled box, and who doesn’t like a good picture of a cat on or in a box?

The cute kitty in this photo is Henry. He is a very sweet boy with what can seem like a very long tail. He is one of three cats that my sister has adopted… actually he was the second, so I guess that makes him the middle child like my sister is. In this picture, we aren’t sure if it was just a comfy new place to sleep or if he knew that there was cat food and treats in the box he chose to impress himself upon. In any case, it is all just very adorable.

Anyway, I then took to Pinterest to look for what I thought were some of the cutest pictures around. I also wanted to find some pictures that I had not already seen a thousand times. Even though those are still cute, I wanted to find some fresher images. So here we go. Enjoy!