Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ok, first Thursday blog coming up. The theme is cats and since I have two beautiful Tabby cats, I will start off Thursdays with my own cats. Yes, I posted my cat on the first “cute” blog, too, but this is my first week doing all of this, so I am giving myself a break. I planned out the layout of all of this at three o’clock in the morning when I couldn’t sleep Monday morning, so Monday was bound to be a little weak. Ok, so back to today… CATS!!!

In the future, I will post cute cat pictures I find in my travels, but for today I will show you my boys: Raylan and Boyd.

Raylan is a sweetheart with a keen skill of giving the best stinkeye. I adopted him when he was possibly 1-2 years old. I have never known exactly how old he is, but I have had him with me since February 9, 2012. Also a Thursday. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And he has the softest, most velveteen fur. I don’t know how he does it, but he is an amazing cat.

Boyd is a sweetie, too, of course. He is a bit shyer about it, though. He isn’t a lap cat… more the everywhere at once kind of cat, but he has been known for a good nap on my feet while I sleep or watch TV. I adopted him when he was just a kitten, the only boy in the litter. I got to meet all his sisters and his Mommy. It was nice to meet his whole family. Anyway, I adopted him on May 22, 2015. Raylan was not so keen at first, but they have grown together.

They keep me sane, if ever I am sane… My life would not be the same without them. They are everything to me and I would like to think I am a fairly decent companion to them, as well. In any case, I am the one that feeds them and cleans the litter, so I have to get points with them for that.