Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I have no projects today. The only thing that resembles a project is that my plan is to create a day in which I do nothing. I have plenty I need to do such as decal orders, writing up the convention for Flocked.Media, paperwork, posting photos for Flocked.Media, etcetera. I am glad I busted ass to clean as much as I could of my home and my studio before I left for Wizard World Chicago. It was so wonderful to come home to a clean place plus it makes me want to keep things clean. I unpacked right away (well the morning after I got back since it was 11:30 pm by that time) and started laundry. I just want to keep things in their place that I have created for them.

So I ignored my phone, my watch, and to my best efforts, my mind. I watched a variety of shows on Hulu. I finished up season two of Take My Wife, a comedy about two lesbian stand-up comics on the path to getting married. It is really good and pleasantly different, even if the acting is a little rough in the beginning. The characters are just so likable that it kept me watching. Once that was over (only two seasons) I wandered around Hulu and Amazon Prime until it suggested Future Man for me. That was a really, really good show. I think it actually is coming back for a second season next January. But yes, I was so dedicated to my project of letting myself rest and heal and recuperate, that I watched all 13 hour-length episodes in one day. Plus the last 4 episodes of Take My Wife (which are just half-hour shows). Then I wasn’t quite ready to call it a day, so I trusted the next suggestion for me which was Preacher. Based on a DC Vertigo comic, I was curious. I try to watch at least a little bit of all the latest DC and Marvel shows. They tend to be up my alley. So far I think I like it. I watched 3 hour-length episodes before I turned off the TV to listen to the storm outside. I love a good storm.

With Fibromyalgia, it takes a bit more recovery when we do something that taxes us. The convention weekend certainly did that to me. I was just drained. So much physical pain every day; so much mental pain, too. It was great to get away, though I think I only really enjoyed parts of the last day. I had some issues that just seemed to keep getting in the way of me having the cathartic moment I was hoping I would have. I worked so hard to get there, and it just wasn’t enough to drag me out of the hole that I am in. At least there were some good times and I got some fun pictures and met some cool artists.

Since this day of nothing was my project, I am just now writing this blog on Wednesday morning. Back to reality, I guess. Or at least my version of reality. So I think my project was a success. I am still very tired and sore today, but not at all as bad as it was yesterday when I attempted to function. That was just not happening. Sometimes you just have to alter your projects and plans to suit your current situation. I find myself doing that often as I live with Fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety. Life is hard, that’s why breaks are so important.