Tuesday, August 7, 2018

As usual, I have a few things going on this week, but the project I choose to focus on is cataloging my old artwork. I have been digging through some things and found some old sketchbooks. It is hard to always have them out so that I can browse them whenever I like, so I like to convert what I can into digital files. What do I use? My good old friend, Adobe Capture. This works especially well since most of the work I do has always been ink on paper. Especially Sharpie ink on paper, so most of what I do is a color or black on white paper. I also love the way that Adobe Capture lets me clean up things a little bit before the final save. Because I draw with Sharpies so much, there is often some ink bleed on the next page. Also, drawing with ink all the time and not sketching in pencil first, I do tend to make mistakes. Sometimes I can work those mistakes in, other times I just need to cut them out. Here are a couple of before & after examples. (Click images to enlarge, if you so choose.)

After I have my cleaned up images, I organize them into libraries in the Adobe Capture App. Once that is done, I can easily import my images, now vectors, into Photoshop, Illustrator, on InDesign. I can also just save them as images on my phone. The libraries are also accessible from the phone apps like Adobe Draw and Adobe Comp. Yes, I do like my Adobe products, but also once you pay your monthly fee to use the products, you do tend to stay loyal. I am drawn to Adobe like I am to Apple. Once you get yourself integrated, it is so easy to have all your stuff with you on whichever device you have whether it be your iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, etc. It is all this fancy cloud-based software they have these days. Back when I was drawing these things, I never imagined how I could use them in the future.

Anyway, so that is this week, sorting artwork for unknown future use. Possibly as decals or notecards or stamps or who knows. Once I have these sketches in digital form, it is pretty much limitless what I can do with them. I love that. Below are a few more drawings I have just imported into my digital library. Some finished, some not. Doesn’t matter.