Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Krista designed this logo. I can’t find the original file, so this is all that is left.

This week for my current project, I am taking a bit of a side-step from what I normally do. This week, I have been working on something else that I do, Flocked Media. Flocked has been around for a decade, but I have been out of the game the last few years. Before she died, my sister Krista had really taken over a lot of the responsibilities, freeing me up to take a break from something that started to really stress me out. After her death, a friend of hers took over the handling of the Facebook page for Flocked. Over the years, even just shortly after I stepped back, I have wanted to work on it again, but sparingly. About the time I started this blog a few weeks ago, I finally re-launched Flocked Media, the website. In my years of having let it go, I lost the primary domain name of flockedmedia.com. It was a mistake. Now, because of how well used Flocked had been, the website isn’t available unless I want to spend $2,994 to buy it back. So I instead bought flocked.media. Now that there are all these alternative domains, it isn’t all about a .com, .net, etc. I had backed up Flocked before I let it go, so I restored the backup to the new domain and it worked, minus the photos. Then, using WordPress, I reworked the site to be moderately functional again. Next up, new content. So I worked on my old contacts to see what I still had, and as it turns out, I still do have media contacts.

Let me back up a little… what is Flocked Media? It is the offspring of my original online magazine, Annex22. I should have learned my lesson sooner… I did the same thing with Annex22 when I couldn’t handle it anymore and I stopped, let everything go. Well I couldn’t stay away, so I created Flocked. Flocked is an online magazine/blog or whatever. Content is mostly news and press releases about music, but it also features pop culture content covering movies, toys, games, and comics. Once upon a time, I had a whole host of writers… a lot of which fizzled out or I fired them for a variety of reasons. A few die hards stuck with it, though. I have been slowly repopulating it with new articles, reviews, and news.

So how does it fit into my current projects if I have already been working on it again for weeks, on and off, since January? Well, I finally took on my first new interview. Monday at 3pm EST was my first interview with an artist to get myself really back in the game. I had the honor to interview Shim Moore, former frontman and founder of Sick Puppies. I have long heard of the band, but never really managed to hear much or get into them. I really didn’t know anything about the band or the guy, but that happens, so into my research I went. Even though I didn’t want to talk about his old band, I still did my research into them. Plus I did a lot of research of the man himself and his rep sent me his bio which also had a lot of good information. All that was left, besides the interview itself, was to write up some questions. It was both easy and difficult. I can’t explain it. I think I just knew what I wanted to ask, but then I over thought it. Naturally.

Using the same font I used on the original logo, I made this to go on the new website.

I was filled with so much anxiety leading up to 3pm on Monday. I couldn’t find my old recorder, so I just had to take notes. This stressed me out, too. But if you know anything about me from reading these, it is that anxiety and stress are just always going to be there when I do something new, even if it is something I used to do. Comebacks are hard. Anyway, the time came and he called me. The call lasted about 15 minutes, and they guy had a lot of really interesting things to say… there is always a worry he could have been a straight up yes/no kind of guy. I have had those, despite how I crafted my questions, some people always find a way to give the shortest answer as possible. But Shim was a good one. The only awkwardness was inside my own head and about me. Now I am tasked with writing up the interview, but the worst is over. All the buildup, all the worry, all my anxieties can just be quiet now. And once posted, I will feel an enormous amount of relief. The first one, or the first one again, is always the hardest. And a phone interview to boot, even in the past I always avoided those as much as I could, preferring face to face or via email.

Apparently, this week’s project has really been to describe something simple with a lot of words. I think I just needed to get it all out, the whole story. Because sometimes it isn’t just one event, it is a whole world of events surrounding the one that creates the whole. If that makes any sense. It does to me.

So I put aside my physical creations for a couple of days so that I can create with words. I am not the best writer, but I do enjoy it. I suppose that is true with a lot of what I create; not the best, but I enjoy it. It is really easy to just create things in my own little world, but this week I had to get out there in the world and talk to a stranger about intimate details of his life. I will share a link here once the article is finished.

Damn, I miss my sister. It hurts so much to revive Flocked without her. She would have loved all of this. But she is with me in everything I do, for better or worse.