Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Today is project day, so I chose to actually go back and tackle a project that has been rolling around in my brain for some time and is a part of a project already in (slow) progress. The project is working on a bedroom for my Barbie. I never really grew up and still really enjoy miniatures and playing with dolls, more specifically, Krista’s Barbie. The project for today is to make a Barbie mattress and a pillow. I started the room a while back with a wood storage bin from Target that I just turned on its side so it looks like a house instead of just a boring old storage bin. I painted the whole thing white which took a while because the wood is really porous. It just sucked up every drop of paint I laid down. Then I added a built-in bed. The storage box is just the right length that the doll can lay down completely. I primarily used craft wood to keep the room light since I plan to hang this on a wall once it is finished. I don’t have a lot of open surfaces in my home at this point, so I find if I can hang something on a wall it is a better use of space and my flat surfaces.

So today I pick up where the bed is in there and everything is painted white. This was kind of an “I just feel like it” project, so I looked around through the fabric I had on hand to see if I could find a good one for the mattress fabric, and I did! I found the classic striped fabric that was so common as mattresses and pillows. There are better-colored stripes out there, but projects are more fun when you just use what happens to be on hand. At least I think so. Plus it justifies my craft-related pack-rat tendencies.

I looked on Pinterest for some tutorials, but since I was in my “I just feel like it” mood, I mostly just winged it. First, I cut off a section of foam (yes, from a roll I just happened to have) and sized it to the bed frame I had already made. From there, I measured my fabric and went to work. I am not a stellar sewer, and I probably should have kept it simple, but I made an effort to sew a box with sides, not a tube. I should have stuck to the tube… by the time I got to the final edge, I just hot glued it to the foam to close my fabric box. No one is going to be inspecting my craftsmanship on this, so I am letting it go. As a final touch, I added a few tufted details, then called it good.

Next up, I made a pillow. I used a piece of foam left over from cutting my mattress out. This I just did as basic as I could and it went quickly.

My next step is to make some bedding, like sheets and pillowcases, for the bed. As it is right now, it has somewhat of a Barbie-in-prison kind of feel. I was going for cute and old-fashioned. In any case, I have something else checked off my never-ending project list and that feels really good. I am also proud of myself even if no one else quite gets that. This has been on my brain for so very long and now it is done and I did it well enough that I feel ok with sharing it. It is a big step on the way to finishing this room for the doll.