Tuesday, September 4, 2018

It is Tuesday once again, and that means I am to share a project that I am working on. Well, of all the random things, I am working on some Kawaii faces. It is so not my style, but there are some things I want to do with them… plus they are just so darned cute. Not to mention, they are a fairly simple thing to do.

I am trying to draw/create more again because the practice is what will keep my skills sharp. Or so I hope. First I started by looking at the millions of Kawaii faces and creations on Pinterest, Google, and wherever else I could find them. I know it is a basic thing to create, but I still believe in researching something before I do it myself. This goes for just about everything I create, buy, and think about. The biggest thing I learned is that anything goes, so long as the mouth is practically right between the eyes. You get that right and you can’t really go wrong.

So, using Adobe Illustrator Draw, I used shapes to get the crisp and clean lines and curves that I was going for. From there, I started with three basic faces: sleepy, happy, and really happy. I also added a star and a cloud just to put the faces in some context. My main purpose for this, however, is to create decals. For this, I really do just need the faces, since the plan is to put the faces on objects. Sometimes I just need a simple project with an easy reward.