Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Welcome to the first day of August. On one hand, July took forever… and on the other, it just did not last long enough. So here is my struggle for this week: marketing. I know, usually I make it about me, but the last week or more I have been struggling with marketing. I want to build my brand, but everything I read tells me that I need to focus on one thing and have my entire brand reflect that. How do I do that when I just cannot limit myself? Believe me, I have tried and tried to limit myself, and to some degree I really have. I know, for the most part, I shouldn’t paint anymore unless it is just for my own walls. I am not good enough to share, let alone sell that skill. Also, jewelry. I have never been really big into creating jewelry since I don’t tend to wear much of it myself. My ears are no longer pierced, so making earrings isn’t appealing at all. I think the common denominator in all that I do is me doing what appeals to me. Sometimes that works, sometimes not so much.

So how do I build a solid brand when I can’t focus? Well, I did split off Crown into its own website and name. My resin projects are called PureResin. So then I think that I should have names for all that I do, then gather them under the umbrella of APG Studios. But is that wise? What about me as an artist? I would like to think that I am not just a creative, but a real artist. I just don’t really know anyone who is quite like me. The artists I know all tend to focus hard on one thing, whether it be writing, drawing, painting, leather work, or digital design. They focus. I have just never been that person and I can’t really find good articles online that speak to me. My mind is just going wild with so many ideas on any given day. Sometimes I can take notes or find a way to make something of my thoughts, but sometimes they just go by in a blur. Possibly medication could help me focus, but then is it right to suppress something like this? I just don’t know. Is it a creative problem or a mental problem?

Besides not being entirely sure of the best way to market myself, I also struggle with advertising. So often, at least at this point in my career, the costs of advertising usually outweigh the income that is derived from that type of marketing. Being more active on social media would help. I got out of a lot of that when I hurt my back and once you kick it, it is really kind of hard to get back into it. I had no idea. I also had no idea this would ever be a problem I faced in my life. It is so strange to clearly picture how much has changed in my life and in the world over the years. It is so vivid to me. I used to be on the phone all the time, but then I got my first cell phone and suddenly you are counting every minute. Now things are so unlimited and my internet is always connected and doesn’t make any strange noises when it connects. I can take pictures on my phone that rival many stand-alone cameras. I never really knew it would come to this. I hoped, of course, I love Star Trek. I always had my head a little beyond the clouds, out there in the stars and the fantasy of all the possibilities.

So how do I market that? How do I market my brand of crazy? I would like to end this with a solution, but all I can do right now is work on my social media reach and work on cultivating brand identities that appeal to the proper demographics for what I create. I still don’t know if that is the best choice, but it is the choice I am making for now.