Wednesday, September 12, 2018

For this week’s blog on struggles, I find my biggest issue is my physical pain that has seen quite a spike these past few months. I am used to chronic pain, to some degree, just from having Fibromyalgia, but when I fell this past spring and wrecked my back, it has just caused such a spike in my pain levels. Every day I wake up in agony. I have a million doctor appointments this month and so far nothing has really seemed all that useful. I know “in the long run” like the doctors all like to say, being more active and enduring physical therapy will be good for me, but it also makes my pain worse before it hopefully gets better.

I do all I can on my own to reduce or limit my pain, including the use of those weird TENS devices. It is such a strange feeling to hook yourself up to a device that makes your muscles twitch. I have enough Fibro-related muscle spasms on my own. But I continue to be told it will help, so I guess I just have to get used to the weirdness of it all.

Recently I made a new Crown for myself. Crown is the name of my wearable rice-filled heating pads that can be wrapped around the head. Most of them I have made in cotton flannel fabrics, but this one I decided to just go for plain cotton. I had this soft fabric that was similar in style to a typical red handkerchief. I thought it would be cute, as well as help with the head and neck pains that I have. I also made it a little different than those in the past, I created two channels for the rice instead of one. This flattens it a bit and helps the heating pad cover a wider area. My first go of it I overfilled the rice, but this is how I learn.

In addition to heat, I have also tried freezing the wrap and it does work well. The cold is not intense and doesn’t last as long as a liquid-type ice pack, but it is still a nice amount of relief when I need it most. Now I just need to make something like this for every other part of my body…

To end on a happy note for once, I am pleased with my latest Crown creation and look forward to making more. For more on my rice-filled heating pad wraps, I have a separate website: